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Property Tax Avengers

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Who we are
Steve has been a licensed real estate broker in Oregon since 1988. Since 2011, he has represented over 2,000 taxpayers at boards of property tax appeals, over 300 taxpayers at Oregon Tax Magistrate Court, and over 100 taxpayers at Washington Boards of Equalization hearings. From 2015 to 2019, he hosted  "The Property Tax Avenger Show," a weekly radio call-in show on the AM radio station KBNP 1410.
He has taught two different classes on the Oregon property tax system to over 3,000 realtors, 100 attorneys, 100 CPA's, 100 mortgage bankers, and 100 financial planners. His classes have been approved by the Oregon Real Estate Agency, the Oregon State Bar, the Oregon Board of Accountancy, and the Oregon Insurance Commissioner.
As a young man, Steve had the privilege of being the chauffeur to a 4-star army general, who then became the U.S. Army Vice Chief of Staff, and kept Steve in his position of chauffeur. For his service, Steve was awarded the National Defense Ribbon, an Army commendation medal, and a good conduct medal. 
He has been married for 41 years, and has two grown children. 

Put Steve in your corner whether your property is big, small, commercial, or residential. Call 503-869-4349 today!
As of January 2023, Bob has been working for Steve for almost five years. What he likes most about working on tax appeals is helping clients save money. He feels like he's giving back to the community after garnering decades of experience in property tax assessment. Over 35 years, Bob has worked with four different county assessors' offices in both Oregon and Washington, and the department of revenue in both states, as well. The bulk of this experience has been in residential properties. He is therefore in a unique position to understand the county's perspective when it comes to property inspections, and therefore how to save clients money on property taxes.
Bob is also a heck of an athlete! He's competed in five national running championships, placing 3rd in the 800 meter. He's run the Boston Marathon twice, the first time when he was 17 years old! 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of his first marathon, and he's still going strong!
​He's also the proud owner of a sweet cat named George.
Contact Bob for expert, personalized tax appraisal service! 
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A statement from Steve Anderson
After spending four years as a property tax appeals hearings officer in Clakamas County, I felt that the average property owner was not getting a fair shake in front of his local board of appeal. I entered into this with the intention of trying to level the playing field between the assessor and the property owner.
Our team holds the same appraisal licenses as the assessors. In fact, Bob and I are required to take ongoing classes to keep our licenses current. These classes are typically taken with members of the assessor's offices, department of revenue employees, and members of the justice department. We are typically the only individuals in these classes that do not work for a government agency.

Mission Statement

To provide the dedication and experience necessary in property tax appeals to tip the scales in favor of the homeowner.  
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Future Vision
We hope that our work will bring about the resetting of values applied to accounts by assessors. We recognize the investments that homeowners have made in their properties, and it is our mission to help them live, work, and play in their homes for as long as possible.  
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I enlisted Steve Anderson's firm to appeal our property taxes for our residence in Multnomah County. Not only were they successful in reducing our tax bill by several thousand dollars, they were also able to obtain a refund for two years' prior over-assessment. I've recommended Steve to numerous customers of mine and they've all had good success and have been thankful for the resource.
-Don and Suzy
Steve guided us through a very successful property tax appeal on our West Hills home. He knows the process. He knows the people involved. He knows how to get things done. We highly recommend Steve to friends and neighbors.
Steve Anderson with First Class Properties helped us significantly reduce the property taxes for our West Linn home. The process was seamless and Steve kept us informed every step of the way - he is incredibly knowledgeable about property taxes and valuations. We received a tax refund of more than double what we were expecting from the County. I have already referred a neighbor to Steve and won't hesitate to contact him again in the future when needed.

Steve completed two property-tax reviews for us.  Honestly speaking, when he contacted me for the first one, I thought ‘this is too good to be true. I don’t have to pay anything up front and I could get something back.’ Well, it turned out to be true! When he called on the second one I didn’t hesitate a second to sign him up. He is most professional and obviously has the respect of the other professionals he deals with in the process.
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We strongly disagreed with the County's assessment of our new building. We called Steve and he took on our case. It wasn't easy but he fought for us at every stage, and at the end of the day, our assessment was reduced to a more reasonable value and we saved loads of taxes. I would highly recommend Steve for any property tax dispute. (Commercial property)

We have many clients who seek to do property tax appeals. Since meeting Steve Anderson and his group, we have found the best place to refer our cherished clients. We have personally appealed our taxes twice with outstanding results using Steve.
We are always glad to send him any and all who are seeking results.
Steve was a pleasure to work with and got the results we were hoping for. From what I understand, the city employees who know Steve have the utmost respect for his integrity, competence, and understanding of the law. Using him increases your chances of success. This process was extremely easy for us and significantly lowered our property tax. I will be using Steve again for my new property.

Thank you so much for your expertise and making this such an easy experience for me. You handled everything, scheduling the assessors,  told me when to be out of the house so I did not have to meet with anyone and I received a nice tax reduction. I have referred many people to you here in the condominium where I live and I’ve never heard anyone say anything unpleasant about you or your services. I can’t recommend you highly enough.


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